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It can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose your license. Learn about how the legal landscape is changing with the decriminalization of Marijuana and the new standards, tests, and other ways the Law regulates impaired driving. We are here to help!Find out more


Facing misdemeanor or felony charges? Need to find the right way forward? Don’t want to rely on a public defender, a plea deal, or the court’s discretion in sentencing? Capable counsel with experience in prosecution and defense may be able to help. Find out more

Traffic Law

We handle traffic cases and will walk you through the process step by step to be sure you know your rights and responsibilities. Often, traffic offenses can be relatively easy to reduce, get dismissed out, or otherwise contest. Competent counsel with experience in prosecution and defense can help!Find out more

Family Law

You can count on William Barton (licensed in IL & MO) for competent representation in matters of divorce, child custody, and family law litigation. Mr. Barton has worked for estate and family law practices in Southern Illinois and knows the challenges working families face when a marriage breaks up. He has also been a CLE presenter for family law lawyers and judges on the changes to Illinois Family Law, and worked in Judge Brandon’s Juvenile Court in St. Clair County, IL, as an assistant State’s Attorney. Mr. Barton’s prior experience as a mental health counselor also trained him in aspects of negotiation and family dynamics, lending invaluable skills to his family law practice.

 Divorce can be traumatic, but with the right representation at your side, many choices you need to make can be decided on with good information, and confidence. Serving the legal needs of clients throughout Southern Illinois. (St. Clair, Perry, Franklin, Jackson, Johnson, Saline, Union, and Williamson Counties.)