How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost

How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost

While average cost might vary from state to state, the cost is the least of your concerns in comparison to hiring a successful, seasoned, and experienced DUI Lawyer. If you are looking for a DUI Attorney for minor misdemeanors and offenses, the attorney fees might start from $2500. However, with the complexity of the felony and criminal charges and the time spent on the case, the fees can shoot up to $5000-$10,000.   

It is important to understand that law firms across US have flat fees as well as hourly fees. They set the minimum fees for the provision of the DUI Attorney on per hour basis. By estimating the minimum number of hours for the criminal case, the fees are determined. There are certain cases that need full litigation services such as the investigation, legal research, and trial. They are not only more time-consuming but have a higher fee scale as well. 

If you have a case which is more commonly termed as the plea negotiation or sentence mitigation, you will have to pay less fees. The case and requirements are different for each individual so the National Average cost for the DUI lawyers is estimated from $2500- $10000. Since DUI is a state-specific criminal offense, the charges will be state-specific as well. 

Factors to consider alongside the average DUI lawyer fees

DUI is an offense in all states of the United States of America. It can be further elucidated as that it is a crime to drive any vehicle across any city or state of the USA if your breath, blood or urine alcohol levels are higher than 0.08 BAC. 

DUI charges can make things difficult for the driver it a great degree, if you are availing an insurance for the vehicle, the Insurance company can completely cut off your insurance plan or can offer a higher premium due to the increased risk to the vehicle. Similarly, the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, is completely authorized to suspend your driver’s license in case if you are convicted or arrested for a DUI. It will require the DMV fees or reinstatement fee, alongside the other fees linked to the availing of driver’s vehicle registration.

How long the DUI cases last?

In most cases, the DUI cases last for as long as six to twelve months. Your DUI lawyers will offer you the legal advice considering he case since the sates take DUI cases especially driving under the influence of intoxicants and narcotics very seriously. There are numerous court appearances, Motions, preliminary hearings of the case in the court, and the potential trial. These make you for the time-taking process of the DUI cases. 

Do I really need a DUI Defense attorney?

Do I really need a DUI Defense attorney?

Based on your DUI conviction and DUI arrest, you will need a defense attorney. The experienced defense attorney might not get you free and make the judge drop off all the charges, but can easily reduce your sentence to a great a degree. The drunk driving cases are taken very seriously across the US due to the threat posed to the human lives, so you will need a successful. The costs of the DUI criminal cases can easily increase if your lawyer isn’t able to pass the necessary motions, so a successful and competent DUI lawyer is recommended. 


A successful attorney-client relationship determines the outcome of the DUI cases to a great extent. Due to the complexity of the DUI cases, it is important to take the legal advice from a DUI lawyer. The cost for DUI lawyer is hourly as well as some charge a flat fee. So keep an extreme of $ 2500 to $ 5000 for minor DUI charges. Your lawyer will not disappoint you in passing the right motions and reducing your sentence for a fair amount of time. 

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